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GCU Adding Cards

The procedure for adding additional cards is the same as for the first card. The main difference is that some of the information from the prior card is carried over to the next card to avoid reentering virtually identical information. Experienced GCU artists generally will prepare a number of card images beforehand and upload/create a series of cards at a time. If you plan it out, you can very quickly add cards and make the least mistakes. A good example is a card design that is the same other than the relationship or age on the front. By uploading these as a group and creating them in a series, only small changes are needed in the title and keywords from card to card. This also reduces the card approval time as the reviewer only needs to check the changes from card to card.

TIP: Before creating a large collection of cards using the same concept/image perhaps submit one or two to the review team as a sanity check first. This will save a lot of time if anything needs to be changed before the entire collection is created.

Card Submission 101 Checklist